About Us

ZENOJ` was created by actress and Gospel singer Jo'nez Cain. ZENOJ is a God driven mission to serve the whole woman with styles that are above and beyond the current choices in the fashion industry for curvy women. We were able to accomplish STYLE & QUALITY by pairing with HIGH FASHION & COUTURE vendors. ZENOJ` curvy cuties will step in making a statement without trying.

While we enjoy beauty, it truly starts within and our CEO shares her love for woman and Christ weekly on Instagram & Facebook with #Healthiswealthwednesdays & #ScriptureSundays. Together we tackle life with soul-care (Godly meditation), scripture, fun challenges etc. 

Although the world tries to shame our curves we embrace them. We truly focus on our identity in Christ Jesus through our faith because if God loves us WE SHOULD LOVE US TOO.

Check out our CEO movie credits imdb.me/JONEZCAIN and follow us on Instagram & Facebook to truly become a part of our tribe.

~Blessings Curvy Cuties